About the Digital Publishing Platform

DPP Home Image

The Digital Publishing Platform (DPP) is Omnipress’ tool for bringing your organization’s content online. Offering digital content adds to your association’s relevance, attracts new members, and provides an opportunity for non-dues revenue.

Consider your digital library the central hub for all of your association’s important content. Offer your members access to policy books, standards, directories, eNewsletters, eBooks, video presentations, scholarly publications, conference proceedings, technical manuals, and more. Any content you can imagine, you can house on your DPP.

Members enjoy searching for information rather than thumbing through a printed library for the information they need. The convenience of carrying all the association’s content in a mobile device cannot be overstated. Think about it: How many pages in your standards book? Isn’t it much easier to take a single mobile device along for reference than many heavy, cumbersome printed materials? When you deliver your association’s content in a digital publishing platform, everyone can access the information they need to do a better job.

This demo is a brief sample of what the system can do. If you need some additional functionality, let us know and we’ll do our best to make it work for you.